JEC Scholarship Eligibility Test JSET 2018


Since establishment of the AIATERF, it has been contributing immensely to uplift the society. JEC SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILITY TEST (JSET) is one of such initiatives of the society which has set out its goal to reach to the masses and create awareness on technical education about current prospects and future scenario. JSET has been launched to help all such students who are striving hard to transform their dreams into realities. We offer scholarships to nearly 330 such students, who get admission into AIATERF run engineering institutions for B.Tech courses.

The main objectives of organizing JSET scholarship are as follows:

  • To reach to the rural population to create awareness on need of technical education through providing guidance and easy access for admission.

  • To be a part of campaigns of the state and central government in imparting necessary instruction, training and awareness to students to meet the technological and socio-economical needs of the country..

  • To increase the employability and quality of life in the country.

  • To promote and to develop a sense of national integration though technical education.