JEC Scholarship Eligibility Test JSET 2018

Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Enter the siliconized culture

Electrical & Electronics engineering both deal with the study and applications of electrons and electricity. Globally, a distinction between the two disciplines is made except in the United States. To be specific, electrical engineering deals with large-scale electrical systems like power transmission & motor control while electronic engineering is studies small-scale electronic systems like computers and integrated circuits. It covers the generation, storage and use of power.

An insight to the near future

Electrical & Electronics Engineering is a very important part in the field of engineering. The study of Electrical & Electronics Engineering involves large amounts of power and large devices, small amounts of power and small devices, analysis of existing systems.

Different Roles, Different Names 
  • Aviation Sector
  • IT sector
  • Power Plants and Manufacturing units
  • Government Sectors
  • Engineering Consultancies
  • Field of Nano technology and Bio-medicine
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Power Systems Engineer
  • Electrical Design Engineer
  • Relay Protection Engineer
  • Testing Engineer
  • Computer Systems Engineer R & D Engineer
  • Design Engineer
Is it the right career for me?

Electrical & Electronics Engineering requires enthusiastic mind who loves to play with the Circuits, Electronic Gadgets and Communication Techniques. One should be good in Chemistry and Mathematics & should be inclined towards logical reasoning and analytical methods.

One must have focus, patience and inventive spirit for making Microchips and Integrated Circuits!